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The profit of these sales will go only and exclusively for covering the feed in veterinaries, medication, analytics, food, water, internal and external liquids, insurances and electricity. There are a lot of expenses and the sales are one of the differents ways for receiving money for continue to rescue animals. 

We send all by post.

We have t-shirts,  sweatshirts... and more articles made by the volunteers with second hand materiasl (U+U). In this moment we have for you bed for cats and dogs.

Thank you very much for helping us. So, you help them. 


Our brand U+U
Come on! Remember, when you buy some our products you are helping to rescue, to recover and to look for a new home for stray dogs and cats in Granada and surrounds. All our hand made products follow the principle of "Usar más - Use again" (Our brand U+U comes from this words): it means recover textiles that we wash and iron and transformer them in beautiful presents. If we don't do it, the end of them will be the dustbin, so, we are contributing to increase the remainder in the planet.

If you buy in oue shop you are doing 2 good actions: save an animal and save the planet

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