Do you want to help homeless animals?
 There are many ways to do it and sure that you find the right way for your personal and professional situation.

- being member of Association. There are 2 types of member:  Download membership application form.

       * sponsor member: the membership fees are 60€ / year minimum

       * volunteer member: the membership fees are 10€ / year minimum + workd in the shelter, fosterhomes...

- you can donate for special cases:  there are specific moments when we need "a money injection" : because we must repair something in the shelter o for expensive operations to dogs or cats who we have picke up in bad conditions. You can give us the money to the bank that we write at the end of this article. 

- you can donate things for the animals: collars, leashes, kennels, beds, Scalibor collars, Exspot pipets.. Sometimes we need building materials and people who can do the improvement in the shelter. About medicines, we need always alopurinol of 100mg and 300mg, Doxiclat, Flagyl. If you need more information, contact to

- you can donate thing for our streets markets: if you have old things that you don't know what to do, contact to us. We will send them in our street market in Maracena (Granada) every Sunday. In summer, we will be too in Almuñecar (Granada) on Sundays too. For donation contact to

- you can buy in our online shop: you will find a lot of presents for you and for your pet. Know our brand U+U. Click in online shop

- you can be plane or car goodparent: we need flights to Germany, contact to . And we need too trips in Spain by car and that they can transport our animals. Contact to:

- you can collaborate like volunteer: you can to the shelter for cleaning, playing, brushing, walking, goin to the veterinarian... You will be very happy to see the smiles of the dogs when they see you. You are vital for them. Download volunteer applicantion form and send to

- you can collaborate like fosterhome: we always need homes for puppies or animals that have been just operated or that for characteristics they can't live in the shelter. Some dogs are in this situation and the cats. More information

- you can be sponsor of a dog or cat:  if you can't be fosterhome or you can't adopt an animal in this moment, you can donate money for supporting the animal that you want. You will recive news and pictures. Download sponsor application form and send it to

- adopt an animal!: this is the main objective of the Association. We wish that each animal find a good family who loves them. If you have took the decision to adopt one and you know yet which animal will share your life, send the adoption application form to . If the animal is a dog puppy, fill the puppy form. Si you have choosen an adult, fill the adult form. If you prefer spende the last years of a old dog, fill +9 years old form. For the cats, you can fill cat application form

- and other things that you can imagine: maybe you find another type of help to animals. Please, tella us. All ideas are welcome. 

Thank you very much.

The bank details where you can donate are:


in Spain: 0487 3000 75 2000053333

abroad: B.I.C/SWIFT: B.I.C/SWIFT: GBMNESMMXXX - IBAN: ES60 0487 3000 75 2000053333


in Spain: 2100 1659 71 0100657797

abroad: B.I.C/SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX - IBAN: ES36 2100 1659 71 0100657797